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    1. CPSC Signs Cooperative Memorandum of Understanding With Canadian ...
      "Consumers in both countries shop in similar stores and use many of the same products,” said Stratton. “This agreement builds on our close relationship with Health Canada and will help both ... "

    2. City of Rowlett - Countries
      General Information. Atlapedia Online Countries A to Z At Atlapedia.com search by the first ... Consumers. Countries. Education. Genealogy. Government. Grants and Foundations. Health. History

    3. Report
      "Indeed, as of October 1999, FTC actions resulted in the distribution of $1.8 million in redress to more than 6,000 foreign consumers from 66 countries. "

    4. FDA Warns Consumers About Counterfeit Drugs Purchased in Mexico
      "FDA is warning consumers that prescription drugs purchased in foreign countries are not regulated by the FDA and do not carry the same FDA assurances of safety, effectiveness, and ... "

    5. Federal Trade Commission
      "... IMSN), an international network of consumer protection law enforcers in 30 countries. coordinating and managing econsumer.gov, a website where consumers ... "

    6. Federal Trade Commission
      "Numerous foreign consumers in various countries: 67. TLD Network Ltd. et al. , No.: 02-C-1475 (N.D. Ill., filed Feb. 28, 2002) Defendants used illegal spam to perpetrate Internet domain ... "

    7. Processed Food Trade Pressured by Evolving Global Supply Chains
      "Global trade in processed food grew rapidly during the 1970s and 1980s, as consumers in high-income countries demanded more foreign food products. "

    8. The United States and Mexico agree to expand flights between our two ...
      "Mexico City, December 12, 2005 - “Both businesses and individual consumers win when countries allow their air carriers to compete for passengers. The agreement signed today between the United ... "

    9. Protecting the Consumer in the Global Marketplace
      "... of trade, they also have made it possible for dishonest marketers to harm consumers and competition by using the same technologies to deceive consumers in other countries. "

    10. Energy Information Administration - International Petroleum (Oil ...
      "Top World Oil Consumers, 2005 (Million Barrels per Day) html : Selected OECD Countries, Total OECD, and World Total, 1970-2006 (Million Barrels per Day) xls "

    11. For Consumers - Printer Friendly Page
      "The U.S. Administration on Aging is an agency in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ... This section contains links to services in various countries, including social security ... "

    12. Written Information and Publications - Board of Pharmacy
      Buying Drugs from Foreign Countries or Over the Internet (PDF) Buying Drugs from Foreign Countries or ... Notice to Consumers (PDF) Notice to Consumers - English : Notice to Consumers - Spanish

    13. FDA Warns Consumers Not to Buy or Use Prescription Drugs from Various ...
      "... an operation at New York, Miami, and Los Angeles airports which found that nearly half of the imported drugs FDA intercepted from four selected countries were shipped to fill orders that consumers ... "

    14. Re: Public Comments on IPR aspects of Hague Convention
      "generis rights that don't make sense, restrictive copyright rights, etc, because the "consumers" will often be foreign consumers, and the countries will seek to exploit the foreign consumers. 4. "

    15. American Bar Association2000 Annual Meeting
      ... been impressed by the many online companies that take advantage of technology that enables them to create Web sites with different home pages geared toward consumers in different countries.

    16. "Top World Oil Net Exporters, 2005* "
      "Top World Oil Consumers, 2005* Country. Total Oil Consumption** (million barrels per day) ... 2.0 * *Table includes all countries that consumed 2 million bbl/d or more in 2005. "

    17. OFAC UPDATE FOR CONSUMERS: What is this Information on My Credit ...
      "OFAC UPDATE FOR CONSUMERS: What is this Information on My Credit Report? WHAT IS OFAC? "OFAC" stands ... and enforces economic sanctions, which are used by the U.S. government to prevent targeted countries ... "

    18. "FTC, International Partners Unveil New Tool To Help Consumers Resolve ... "
      "... was unveiled today on econsumer.gov, a joint Web site operated by consumer protection agencies in 20 countries. The econsumer.gov Web site, created in 2001, is an important liaison between consumers ... "

    19. 3-7-07 - News Release: Dorgan Challenges Pharmaceutical Companies on ...
      "... purchase more affordable, FDA-approved prescription drugs from Canada and other Western industrialized countries. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that this legislation would save consumers ... "

    20. Ask an Energy Expert from the Energy Information Administration ...
      "Due to the global nature of the oil market, boycotts by individual consumers or even individual countries cannot reduce the oil revenues of a given oil producing country/countries. "

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