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    1. Millennium Challenge Corporation Names Seven Countries Eligible for ...
      "... Challenge Corporation believes that a sound policy framework creates an environment where development assistance can be most effective, and so has designed the Threshold Program to help countries that ... "

    2. CPSC Signs Cooperative Memorandum of Understanding With Canadian ...
      "Consumers in both countries shop in similar stores and use many of the same products,” said Stratton. “This agreement builds on our close relationship with Health Canada and will help both ... "

    3. USAID: Trade Capacity Building (TCB) Database: TCB Category ...
      Customs Operation & Administration includes assistance to help countries modernize and improve their customs offices. E-commerce Development & Information Technologies (IT) includes assistance to help ...

    4. How International Agreements Can Help You
      This fact sheet explains how agreements with other countries can help you. The document is SSA ... International Programs Home: How International Agreements Can Help You SSA Publication No. 05-10180 ...

    5. How international agreements can help you
      "Fortunately, the United States has concluded Social Security agreements with a number of other countries that help you avoid double taxation while working abroad and also help ... "

    6. 2007 Guidance to Countries Eligible for Compact Assistance
      2007 Guidance to Countries Eligible for Compact Assistance . All documents are in Adobe PDF format unless otherwise specified. A cover and table of contents is available to help organize the documents ...

    7. The U.S. Approach to International Development
      "These include technical assistance to help countries create competent institutions to improve governance, and aid that goes directly to help the private and civil sectors. "

    8. "USGS: Science Topics: countries, 2nd order divisions "
      "Provides links to USGS information about countries, 2nd order divisions and related topics. ... Help ... "

    9. War Torn Countries Need Help From International Entrepreneurs
      "War Torn Countries Need Help From International Entrepreneurs Paula J. Dobriansky, Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs Remarks before the International Policy Committee of the U.S. "

    10. Peace Corps Kids World - Pack Your Bags!
      "Prepare for a Peace Corps assignment with Traveler's help by learning about the Peace Corps and about the countries where we serve. Each time you get an answer right, she'll get a new item to pack in ... "

    11. COUNTRIES-STATES-CITIES: The Luso-Hispanic World in Maps (Library of ...
      "COUNTRIES-STATES-CITIES: ... Library of Congress Library of Congress Help Desk ( February 2, 2001 ) "

    12. Helping Poor Countries Gain Access to Affordable Medicines
      "T H E W H I T E H O U S E. President Clinton Announces New Cooperative Effort to Help Poor Countries Gain Access to Affordable Medicines, Including for HIV/AIDS Treatment, December 1, 1999 "

    13. Trade Capacity Building
      "FAS also provides training to help countries improve grades and standards for fruits, vegetables, and bulk commodities, and technical assistance in cold chain ... "

    14. www.durbin.senate.gov
      "Help countries enforce their existing child marriage laws; and, -Authorize $60 million over three years ($15 million in FY07) as part of an integrated, community?based approach to promote and support ... "

    15. HPL Teen Homework Help
      Countries & geography Background Notes Country and regional reports from the U.S. Department of State. CIA World Factbook Country information. Library of Congress Country Studies More than one hundred ...

    16. USTR - USTR Notifies Congress of Intent to Initiate Free Trade Talks ...
      "An FTA with Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia ("the Andean countries") will help foster economic growth and create higher paying jobs in the United States by reducing and eliminating barriers to ... "

    17. IDB Aggregation Help
      International Data Base - Aggregation Help ... display of selected demographic measures for selected years and selected regions and/or countries ...

    18. "FTC, International Partners Unveil New Tool To Help Consumers Resolve ... "
      "... was unveiled today on econsumer.gov, a joint Web site operated by consumer protection agencies in 20 countries. The econsumer.gov Web site, created in 2001, is an important liaison between consumers ... "

    19. High Pathogenic Avian Influenza in China - Dr. John Clifford
      "In my mind, though, one of the most important is our involvement overseas to help affected countries take steps to combat the Asian H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza virus at its source¡ªin ... "

    20. USAID Guinea / Self-Help: Background
      "Peace Corps Involvement in Self-Help. In countries where a Peace Corps program exists, Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) frequently play ... "

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